Express Portraits Studio in Madison, WI can produce passport photographs that meet almost any specifications, including US Passports Photos, Canadian Passport Photos, British Passport Photos and most other photos for passports, visas, citizenship, and ID cards.

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Passport Photo Size Comparison

Passport photos are taken in our professional photo studio, ensuring that you look your best and that all photos meet the required specifications. With each passport session, we provide up to 6 photos sized correctly for your specific needs for the cost of $29.95. For those countries that require it, digital images are also available for an additional fee of $5.95.

An appointment is required for our passport photo service to ensure that we are able serve you in a timely manner. Please allow up to 24 hours for your final photos be available (depending on photo size & specifications of your passport or document). Appointments are available throughout our regular business hours, 7 days a week. To make your appointment, please call our photo studio 608-833-6080.

passport photo differences

Many applications refer to a 'passport sized photo', implying that there is one universal size for passport photographs. The fact is that each country and agency within a country can dictact their own sizing for passport and ID photos. For instance, US passports require a photo that is 2in x 2in while Canadian Passport photos are 50mm x 70mm. Many photos also require a specific head size.

It is important to know the specifications required for your documentation which will allow your photographer to size your photographs accurately. Express Portraits can size passport photos to any required specification, however we do ask that customers supply the sizing guidelines given by their consulate or agency.

If you have question about whether we are able to meet the photo requirements of a certain country, passport or other document, please contact us.

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